Chris Harrison  Chris is the Habermann Chair and an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction. He directs the Future Interfaces Group, broadly investigating novel sensing technologies and interaction techniques, especially those that empower people to interact with “small devices in big ways.”   Email  •  Homepage  •  Twitter
  Lauren Hardwig  Lauren is an administrative coordinator at Carnegie Mellon and diligently handles many of the day-to-day operational responsibilities of the FIGLAB, supporting faculty, students and sponsors. In addition, she is pursuing a degree in Professional Writing.   Email
  Yang Zhang  Yang is a Ph.D. student exploring how to bridge the interaction gap between computing devices and people's daily lives in natural and efficient ways. His research interests include tangible interfaces, wearable technology, ubiquitous computing, and sensors.   Email  •  Homepage
  Karan Ahuja  Karan is a Ph.D. student at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon. His research interests include computer vision, applied machine learning, and sensing.   Email  •  Homepage
Sven Mayer
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